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  More information about the lockable coupling thing
that tells user about the materials, feature and how
they can benefit from having it on their new car

Our products are made from galvanized, heavy
gauge steel to provide protection over the years.
  Vehicle Towing Dolly
  Built for every day use in the toughest of conditions, our dollies are purposely designed for ease of use and stability. The swivel-bed design ensures that you are always in full control of the dolly at all times.

You will not find a better dolly in such a stable, compact design as ours.
  Vehicle Towing Dolly
  All our car towing dollies are hot dip galvanized for the ultimate protection against our harsh weather climate. Each fixing and joint is meticulously worked on and secured to provide the perfect finished article.

We supply our dollies fully constructed and ready to use in any working environment.
  Vehicle Towing Dolly
Car Towing Dollies Car Towing Dolly
  *For a limited time only, receive your FREE hand winch with every order, fully fitted, ready to use.  

Pick up only, contact for delivery quote if required.
Full VAT receipt given, but cleared funds before item released.
If you seek a more robust design then please let me know.

Vehicle Towing Dolly

Russo Engineering is located at BL0. We are a small mechanical
engineering company with facilities to fabricate, including welding,
turning and miling. We also produce bespoke wrought iron gates
and railings. Any enquiry welcome.

  • Car Towing Dolly
  • Car Dolly UK
  Manufactured in Great Britain

7 metre Long Polyester Winch

  Fully Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel
  One man operation
  145/10" 8 Ply Tyres
  Swivel bed design

1100kg Rated Suspension Units

  Built for stability and rigidity
  Auto Reverse Brakes
  Easy to store away upright
  Fully Lit- Reversing & Fog Lights
  Lockable Bradley coupling
For Car Dollies in Lancashire, contact specialists Russo Engineering now for more information on the services available or simply for a no free obligation quote.

Our vehicle towing dollies are made from quality materials and are built to handle daily work under the most stressful of conditions.
  Unit 3B Ramsbottom Mill
  T. 01706 212755
  Crow Lane
  M. 07971863617 
  Ramsbottom, Bury
Specialist Car Dollies from Russo Engineering Ltd,

Unit 3B Ramsbottom Mill,
Crow Lane,

T. 01706 212755 | M.07971863617



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